I’m glad to announce a new Capoeira app, made in collaboration with world-known master – Mestre Xuxo form Pelo Sinal da Santa Cruz group.

Download Mestre Xuxo Enjoy Yourself App for iPhone for FREE: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mestre-xuxo-enjoy-yourself/id878816918?mt=8
iPad version is comming in June!

Download Capoeira Documentary: Mestre Xuxo – Enjoy Yourself: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JXM4OVM

All info and other Apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone at http://apposlutegroup.com

Mestre Xuxo (“Mestre” means “Master”) is the world-known Master of Capoeira (Brazilian martial art). Every year Mestre Xuxo has “Enjoy Yourself” event, where he invites capoeiristas of all levels and groups to Lins, Austria.
This App will share Mestre Xuxo’s view of capoeira by showing you best Capoeira Masters games, interviews, acrobatics, action and fighting scenes with art cinematography view.

Ful version features:
* Free Part of the “Enjoy Yourself” Capoeira documentary movie
* HD graphics optimized for Retina Display
* Built-in English Subtitles for English and Brazilian speech
* Interviews with world-known Capoeira Masters (Mestre Xuxo, Mestre Gil, Mestre Camaleao, Contra-Mestre Primo, Mestre Irineu
* Mestre Xuxo’s first-person game with Mestre Gil
* Famous Capoeira games from the top