This app is for adults; no kids allowed.

Man up and conquer the fear of rejection.

How to Kiss app is the 1st app that teaches men the right and wrong ways to kiss women, using proven data from hundreds of surveys.

Learn step-by-step kissing techniques that will make you a powerful kisser and keep the ladies coming back for more!


• High definition, step-by-step video coaching
• 65 detailed visual examples of kissing techniques
• 7 basic fundamentals of a good kiss
• 5 killer ways to initiate a kiss & how to know when your partner is interested
• Proven rejection-proof methods of kissing
• 11 advanced techniques for the active kisser
• Tools to develop the reputation of a ‘great kisser’
• 14 Do’s & Don’ts
• Tactics specifically for kissing women
• Learn how to be seductive & make her hot, without being overly aggressive

Have all the right tools in your back pocket! Find out what women really want.