Bboy Step by Step: Windmills 3SF

Special methods, secrets and concepts have been created in a new formula called the “Windmills 3SF.” It’s a simple and easy to understand process to conquer the Windmills with no experience.

What took months and years to learn, you now have the power to learn it in weeks. A world-class coach and b-boy named Jeromeskee created the Windmills 3SF formula. With over 14 years of break dance experience, 7 world titles, countless appearances on national TV shows and over 2,000 students worldwide – Jerome’ s track record and teaching methods are proven and validated globally.

* HD graphics that utilizes “Retina” display, optimized for iPhone and iPod touch.
* Audio coaching for all exercises and drills.
* “Flip” tab, option to learn all exercises and steps, left handed or right handed point of
* “Movement Bar” control animation for every move (freeze, play mode action, go back/forward)
* Introduction video, 3 core philosophies/secrets on the windmills
* 8 different detailed exercises to conquer the 3SF concept
* 3 powerful steps to the windmills (“3 step formula”)
* Top 5 frequent ask questions and solutions (windmill flow, legs collapsing, hip bruises, pushing and starting, shoulder injuries)
* “Info” tab, where you can read step by step instructions about each move
* Simple and easy to follow app!

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“Bboy Step By Step: How to Dance” for iPhone:
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Windmills 3SF (Three Step Formula) by b-boy Jeromeskee of Massive Monkees.

This is the most comprehensive program on windmills, broken down into multiple steps and drills.